8 warning signs dating violence

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The staff who are responsible for human resources and/or security should be knowledgeable of many new laws that address threats because, in many cases, the police officer who responds to an incident might not be updated, says W.Better to have no regrets Situations can escalate to a level above the capability of the [ambulatory surgery program] to handle, says Dawn Q.Mc Lane, RN, MSA, CASC, CNOR, chief development officer of the Nikitis Resource Group, a Broomfield, CO-based company that specializes in surgery center development, management, and consulting."One important thing is that upper administration gives full support to the team, and they have the ability to collect the information they need," Peek-Asa says."They also need to be well trained so that they can treat every case fairly and impartially." Police can be partner Alert police of any individuals of concern that are being followed by the team, she says.A threat assessment team should track any individuals of concern, she says.The team should include representatives from human resources, security, facilities management, and other departments.Copyright © 2003 Judicial Council of California / Administrative Office of the Courts.RULE-MAKING AND ENFORCEMENT, THE VIOLENT AND CONTROLLING TACTICS OF MEN WHO BATTER AND RULE-COMPLIANCE AND RESISTANCE ~ THE RESPONSE OF BATTERED WOMEN, Barbara Hart, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Washington, DC.Sexual violence can happen to anyone, and it’s not the only crime that can occur on a college campus.College students have the opportunity to look out for their friends, speak up about sexual violence, and take steps to increase personal safety.

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