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is a teen musical sitcom created by Dan Schneider, which aired on Nickelodeon from 2010–13.

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However, Season 2 brought flanderizations galore that turned Cat dumber and amped up Jade's (and even The show's cancellation was confirmed in August 2012, while the 3rd season was still airing until its last episode on February 2013.They force her on stage and, with the help of Andre, Tori receives a standing ovation from the crowd, and accepts the offer to join Hollywood Arts.On her first day, she meets Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande), a girl who seems to be living in her own head, Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett), a shy awkward nerdy student who speaks through his dummy Rex handsome Beck Oliver (Avan Jogia), and his mean girlfriend Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies).At the insistence of Trina, (who does not want to be known as the "freaky girl whose younger sister quit on her first day") and Andre, who tells her not to let a mean girl crush her confidence, Tori returns to class and subsequently gets revenge on Jade by besting her in an improv assignment and then by kissing Beck in front of her.Song featured: "Make It Shine" (performed by Victoria Justice), which becomes the series' theme song.The cast and crew did not expect the show to be cancelled, and did not write an appropriate finale episode.Victorious is an American sitcom that originally aired on Nickelodeon from March 27, 2010 until February 2, 2013.The series stars Victoria Justice as Tori Vega, a teenage girl who is given the opportunity to attend Hollywood Arts High School, a performing arts school with a group of students.It was announced on August 10, 2012, that the series would not be renewed.But then, a pretty girl joins the class, and the boys go crazy about her.Tori finds Beck and a guy named Russ supposedly fighting and tries to intervene.

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