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Physiologicevidence from animal lesion models suggests that sensorycortex is necessary for learning new skills, includingmates [5] inhibit motor learning.Animals with experi-mentally induced lesions to S1 fail to acquire new motorskills with the contralesional hand.Results: Individuals with chronic stroke demonstrated the ability to learn to track a repeatingsegment; however, the magnitude of behavioral change associated with repeated segment-specificlearning was directly related to the integrity of central proprioceptive processing as indexed by ourlimb-position matching task.Conclusion: These results support the importance of central sensory processing for motorlearning.It furtherrepresents a corollary study in humans to animal workthat demonstrated the importance of central sensoryprocessing for motor learning [4,5,17].Continuoussequencing tasks allow for the study of emergent proce-dural learning [18]; because of the need for constantupdating, continuous tasks are highly reliant on the prop-rioceptive system especially in the absence of visual feed-back.Background: Most motor learning theories posit that proprioceptive sensation serves an important role in acquiring and performing movement patterns.However, we recently demonstrated that experimental disruption of proprioception peripherally altered motor performance but not motor learning in humans.

Conclusion These results support the importance of central sensory processing for motor learning.This is in contrast to other commonly employedmotor learning paradigms that employ discrete end-pointmovements, which can be largely planned in advance[19].Continuous tracking also differs from studies requir-ing a reach to discrete targets in a novel environment [20],where a commonly performed behavior is adapted to newdynamics.Methods Individuals with chronic ( 6mo) stroke and similarly aged healthy participants performed a continuous tracking task with an embedded repeating segment over two days and returned on a third day for retention testing.A limb-position matching task was used to quantify proprioception.Little work has considered humans with central nervous system damage.The purpose of the present study was to specifically consider the relationship between proprioception and motor learning at the level of the central nervous system in humans.For example, lesions to primarysomatosensory cortex (S1) in cats [4] and non-human pri-vation of the sensory cortex has also been linked to excita-tion of the human motor cortex [6], and disruption of Behavioral and Brain Functions 2009, activity interferes with adaptation [7] little otherdirect evidence links somatosensory processing to motorlearning in humans.Further clouding our understanding of the interaction ofsensory and motor systems are reports that somatosensa-tion is not essential to motor adaptation.This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License ( which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.Page 1 of 10(page number not for citation purposes)movement sequences.

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