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So, I don't think it's a "strategy" for meeting women, or even in finding sex. Like participating the first time in W-M-W threesome, it was "ok", but not nearly as big a deal now.

It was one of those one time unrealized fantasies, and after putting the same post on 3 different craig's list sites, all of which are within easy driving distance, I received numerous responses,and one who followed through. There are a lot of bars, where you can find a casual encounter most nights of the week. I all I wanted was a NSA I couldgo to any bar at get that.

Of course there are some that advertise on craigs list. I would venture 85, 90% are just to get addresses for spam.

In fact I am still seeing a lovely man I met with CL, we are both freaky little lovers in our very discreet little world.

It was something taboo and I love livin on the edge.

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