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Jones, Alexei Krindatch, Richie Stanley and Richard H. Jacksonville-area historical earthquake activity is above Oregon state average. Source: Clifford Grammich, Kirk Hadaway, Richard Houseal, Dale E.

Tattoo artists have become reality TV stars, and famous actors, athletes and musicians are covered in tattoos. And don't think you can find a sympathetic tattoo artist who's willing to look the other way.

Please ask if you would like additional photos or more in-depth descriptions. All items being offered on this website have appropriate provenance and are legal to buy and own under the United States statute covering cultural patrimony Code 2600, Chapter 14. Nicely polychrome painted in shades of red, orange and black against a tan ground, typical of the Copador style. These are seldom seen (ancient artist) utilitarian items. Minor fire clouding is visible on the head and base area. The bird is made from tumbaga (gold/copper alloy) and appears to have a high gold content, but has not been tested. Both ladies were founders and active members of the 'Archaeological Society of Panama'. The vessel sits on an angled, footed base with a loop handle at the back, topped by a tall, gently tapered pouring spout. one inch) has been restored along with very minor paint touch ups; otherwise it is completely intact and original. This mold depicts a Maya female, likely a person of the ruling class. Ceremonial dishes such as this were exclusively Marajoaran offering vessels. Areas of loss and several breaks have been restored, but the vessel appears intact. The highly burnished surface is decorated with elongated diamond patterns and linear designs. The female is in front cradling a small child that is nursing at her breast. The figures show remnants of orange ship, mostly missing. The surface is moderately worn with areas of slip missing and some erosion present. The seated figure is leaning back slightly with hands resting on the knees. The shell is divided into banded sections by incised lines. One small stress crack has been restored otherwise intact and original. Carved into human form with areas of black paint remaining (representing facial tattooing) and wearing a textile headwrap of gauze fabric. There are three panels with depictions of the feathered serpent 'Quetzalcoatl', shown here with open mouth and radiating feathers. The exterior surface is decorated around the middle and surrounding the nodes with angular geometric designs. 5 — Peru 1000 AD - 1200 AD A large Chancay standing female figure from the Central Coast region of ancient Peru.

Every purchase comes with a written certificate of authenticity (COA) and are fully guaranteed to be as described. Shipping options are USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground and Fed Ex. — Ecuador 4000 BC - 3500 BC Three very early miniature Valdivia 'Palmer Stones' from ancient Ecuador. Around the center is a wide band with three panels showing seated dignitaries (lords or rulers). An old collection number is written on the bottom, just inside the leg. For added stability, a small felt tab has been added to the bottom to allow the figure to sit upright. Both the necklace and bird idol are in very good, near choice condition. The nicely burnished surface is elaborately decorated in fine detail with resist painted linear, circular and spiral designs, characteristic of the type. An area of light fire clouding at the base along with ample mineral deposits are present overall. A desirable depiction, not often seen in today's market. She is shown kneeling and wearing a headwrap, ear spools, necklace and wrist bands. Displays nicely on the custom stand which is included. The bowl sits raised on a footed base; an elegant form. One tiny (ancient) chip on the base, otherwise completely intact and original with no cracks, breaks or repairs. The stirrup handle shows pitting and numerous superficial cracks, but is stable. Beautifully adorned with large ear spools, beaded necklace and long loin cloth. Each section has rows of painted triangles done in purple over an orange ground. Has a few minor dings and scratches as would be expected. The woven border across the forehead shows a bird motif. This highly important deity is seen throughout Mesoamerica and was typically associated with creation and rebirth. Assembled from 8 original pieces with breaks restored and light paint enhancements. Nicely polychrome painted in shades of white and brown against a deep orange-red ground. Assembled from six original pieces with break lines restored and minor paint touch-ups. 0 — Peru 300 AD - 600 AD A finely crafted Nazca basket from southern coastal Peru. Figures of this type, from the valleys north of Lima, are quite distinctive in form and decoration.

First police response to a violation of the Corvallis Municipal Code may include a written notice that the activity must cease.

Second police response within 30 days arising out of the activity will result in citation, physical arrest, and/or civil fines.

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