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So, he’s not going to disclose possible HPV on his part, putting any future partners of his at an unknown risk, and on and on it goes, particularly if he does give it to partners who either don’t get visible warts or pap smears regularly to find out about HPV, or who have it, but in whom it goes undetected.While some strains of HPV are a hindrance, but are known to be pretty harmless, others are not: some strains can cause cervical, anal or penile cancers.

What it may result in is simply your new partner wanting to do some research before he makes up his mind about sex with you, including seeing what the two of you can do to reduce your risks if he does decide he’s okay with that risk and a sexual relationship.No matter what he decides, if he’s a good guy who cares for you, he’s not going to make you feel like a pariah about this: he’s going to be supportive, even if he’s nervous or scared.If he handles it like a big jerk…well, then you can say buh-bye and know you’ve dodged a bullet.As well, someone who is sexually active but who doesn’t accept that STIs are something everyone is at risk of, and which many people do or will have — including them — isn’t being particularly realistic about sexual partnership.Obviously, everyone would like to think and hope that it won’t even happen to us (and for many people, it won’t, and for people practicing safer sex, it’s much less likely), but if we’re going to be sexually active we’ve got to recognize that it might and have some level of preparation for dealing with STIs.If you already have been sexually active, not telling him ASAP just isn’t an option in my book.I know those are hardly easy conversations, especially with the crappy attitude a lot of people have about STIs, and with how ashamed a person can feel for having one, even though there’s no more shame in having HPV than there is in having a cold.As far as your questions about blood, HPV isn’t transmitted through blood, it’s transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. Too, people doing blood drives are not going to be testing your blood for HPV, since your blood doesn’t present a problem per donation if you have HPV.If you haven’t had a recent full STI screen (and if you’ve been sexually active, which it sounds like you have, that’s something you need to do every year), you need to get those screens from your gynecologist, general doctor and/or sexual healthcare provider.Using latex barriers is known to reduce the risk of transmission by around 70%.If you aren’t at all sexually active yet, and are just getting to know this guy, it’s fine to wait to tell him until you get closer to that point in your relationship, but if you are getting to that point or already sexually active, you do need to tell him.

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