Dating and phone rules

Avoid fights and arguments over the phone, they are difficult to manage and leave a bad feeling when you hang up, thus negatively affecting how you two relate.Talk about serious issues that are volatile face to face.25.

Save your partner’s phone number as an emergency number to be contacted in case something happens to you and your phone is locked.24.

Inform your partner what you will be doing and for approximately how long.

This prepares your partner and brings peace as he or she will not feel ignored.11.

Don’t answer your phone on a date, it ruins dates unless it is a very important call.6.

Don’t make a habit of putting your phone on silent mode or turning it off each time you’re with your partner. Save your partner’s phone number using a special title like “Hubby”, “Love”, “Wife”, “Sweetie”. Using the official name only makes your partner look like any other contact on your phone.8.

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