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Therefore his Imperial calendar began with the foundation of the Persian Empire over 25 centuries earlier.

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saw himself as heir to the kings of ancient Iran, and in 1971 he held a celebration of 2,500 years of the Persian monarchy.Talking of the Solar Hejira calendar, it was developed by the Arabic Iranian mathematician and poet Omar Khayyám.This is why the Solar Hejira is also known as Khayyáms calendar, or the calendar of Malik-shah.These first coins were made of electrum, a naturally occurring pale yellow mixture of gold and silver that was further alloyed with silver and copper.However, the Persian daric was the first gold coin which, along with a similar silver coin, the siglos, (From Ancient Greek σίγλος, Hebrew שֶׁקֶל (shékel)) represented the bimetallic monetary standard of the Achaemenid Persian Empire which has continued till today.Even the smallest-denomination electrum coins, perhaps worth about a day's subsistence, would have been too valuable for buying a loaf of bread.The Trojan Horse had become synonymous with the name of Agamemnon and the symbolism of the horse was stamped on the coins from Cyme in Aeolia, presumably in reference to the power of their lineage.At the time of creation (XI-th century), the Solar Hejira was much more accurate than the European (i.e., of the country.On this coat of arms one can see the lion going right (to the left from the viewer's perspective) carrying a golden sun on his back and holding a sword in his right paw.Indian coinage has largely been a product of Greek, Roman, and Islamic influences.However, it took some time before ancient coins were used for commerce and trade.

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