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, when Seth Rogan’s character said, “She’s DTF—down to f*ck, man. If you’re the one they choose, then you’re a lucky man. [Read: 30 foolproof pick-up lines & 10 you should never use] #2 Is alcohol involved?

After that, DTF could be heard everywhere— in the club, in class, at the library. There are some women who, when they know what they want, they go and get it.

[Read: How to get a girl really horny and wet just by sitting next to her] The meaning of DTF can be somewhat convoluted, but the best way to determine if the girl you’re talking to is interested in turning the heat up a notch or two is to look for these 8 simple signs.

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So if she walks up to you, pulls you in close, and whispers in your ear, “I want you inside me,” this is not a test. Now, getting a girl drunk is not the answer if you’re horny.

Alcohol simply acts as a way to lower your inhibitions and allow yourself to approach a girl if you tend to tense up and get nervous.

A woman will be more DTF if she’s not guarding or being guarded by her friends.

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So, it’s basically a phrase that men use to identify which woman probably wants to have sex with them. But, by seeing the signs, you may be able to increase your chances and figure out which girl is interested in you.

[Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she likes you] #6 Her response to physical touch.

Does she stiffen up when you casually touch her shoulder? A girl who’s DTF is open to physical contact—on a non-sexual scale.

And that “someone” is usually directed towards women. Oh, but just because she’s DTF doesn’t mean she’ll want to have sex with you in particular.

Well, here are some helpful signs to look out for when figuring out if someone you’re interested in is DTF.

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  1. Be honest and tell her that you would love to meet a girl with her qualities. If her response makes it obvious she wants to stay in the friend zone, it won’t feel like rejection because you didn’t ask her directly.”Also, on a personal note (did I mention I have a lot of experience in this area? If she’s not giving you an obvious sign that she’s interested, then she’s probably not.