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Webb Farry are hosting a free information evening at The Long Room, University Oval, for home buyers.

The event will run with a 'speed dating' format, where you will be able to sit down with a range of professionals in the property industry to discuss buying a home and answer any questions you may have.

“Come on guys,” she said, addressing a mythical, mad audience, “we make your life. “At the end of the day, someone’s gotta do it, and I will offer myself up if no-one else will.”Harry sat down and immediately whipped open his blazer to show me “Hazza” embroidered on the lining. I’m far at both ends of the spectrum from day to night, a bit like Batman.” Casual question: what is the meaning of life? To party and have a really good time.” Anything else? Of all the contestants, Kristian gave the most surprising answers to my deep, probing questions. “I don’t know why I wrote that, I think it’s because I live in Dunedin and boys don’t really dress up there, so Ugg boots is them making an effort.” She won’t be watching the show with her parents.

“Oh, and go on Kristian didn’t have me at hello, but he did have me soon after at “I like your glasses.” The entrepreneur showed off his special little plastic grippy ring on the back of his phone, and offered it for me to try. “I did say there were things I would never do on camera.

The shift started initially with the set install, then lighting and sound rig.

Then rehearsals without contestants in the afternoon. The photographs of the previous couple's holiday were recorded using the huge studio cameras onto electronic still stores.

‘‘We have three main focuses for our South Dunedin programme — our physical and natural environment; how we grow our food; and how we think about our cities into the future,’’ she said.

‘‘And for the first time, we have worked closely with the South Dunedin community to develop a programme of free events specifically for them.’’ The smooth operation of the programme is in the hands of South Dunedin programme co-ordinator Jule Barth, who is excited to share the programme with locals.He also used the word “funky” roughly 400 times during our date, which was disarming in a way that I am yet to decipher as either good or bad. I’m not the most cut person in the world but I know that food plays a big part of it. Also lots of green tea.”Like almost all of the contestants, Izzy was coy about the raunch factor on the show. First up, I wanted to know how he got so ripped for a show where he has to spend 70%-80% of the time shirtless. ‘‘We are aiming to make science as fun, accessible and relevant as possible to people of all ages — it’s going to be great,’’ Ms Barth said.‘‘We want to bring science to the community in a totally hands-on way.In addition, Dunedin’s Beverley Begg Observatory would be opening every night of the festival for stargazing, and in particular observing Jupiter and Saturn.In small groups, girls heard personal and moving stories of the vocation of individual sisters and learnt more about the OP, RSJ, RSM and SMSM charisms before moving to a different religious woman to hear another experience.Meet new people, discuss about anything and make some friends! Where: Ellice Road, CBD, Auckland Address: 57 Albert Street, CBD, Auckland From: pm on Tuesday 11th September 2018 To: pm on Tuesday 4th December 2018 Al’s Deli is getting in on the festivities of Halloween and hosting two different Halloween nights! Some drinks for 5$ (each): - Corona - Warsteiner Pilsner - Heinekens - House Spirits And ...I was not They milled around the instagrammable Lula Inn in Auckland, talking to various media who all looked equally as beautiful and clean. She doesn’t have time for people who talk shit about reality TV. That’s the reason we are doing the show, that’s the reason people are watching the show.” She leaned back in her chair. “My dating record is absolute ”, said Hazza, who you might be able to tell is extremely Australian. I got tagged in this thing on Facebook and I thought ‘look, if anyone can get me a decent girlfriend it’s probably an expert on a show like this.’ I can’t do it, I’m pathetic.”How is that someone so young and attractive has been so unlucky in love? “I start work at 5 30 in the morning in my high vis vest, my hard hat and my steel caps. So she was only half-kidding when she said that she loved boys in Ugg boots. ” Weiting said to the TVNZ publicist who was taking photos of our date.

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