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There is also another alternative if you want a gift relating to the modern gift list.The modern gift list created by librarians at the Chicago Public Library has wood objects as the 6 year anniversary theme.Sugar represents the sweetness of your marriage, and iron represents the strength in your marriage. The modern theme of wood objects symbolizes the strength and stability of your marriage.Traditional 6th anniversary gifts for her – something sweet and sugary There are actually two themes for a 6th wedding anniversary.Sugar is the traditional theme popularized in the UK.

This beautiful gemstone has been used to symbolize a number of different things throughout history.Or why not take her to Hershey Park, and surround her with sugary delights all day?Of course, there are some ladies who aren’t blessed with a sweet tooth, but don’t be disheartened if your wife is a lady who prefers savory.Take her to an ice-cream parlor and let her choose exactly what she desires.Chocolate covered strawberries are another brilliant idea, served on a silver platter while she’s still in bed.Traditional US 6 year anniversary gifts for her – strong as iron 6 year anniversary gifts if you live in the USA, revolve around the material iron.Know for its strength, and a symbol of protection and security, it makes a great theme for 6 year anniversary gift ideas.Things made from iron can be decorative as well as practical.6 year anniversary gift ideas for her using amethyst As we’ve already mentioned, a number of gemstones have become associated with certain anniversaries.What would a lady want with something made of iron?You’d be surprised at the elegant, stylish and detailed gifts available.

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