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Regular and longtime readers of this blog will know that I've always been attracted to political activism, particularly in the anarchist vein.Anarchism is often misunderstood: it is used as an analogy for chaos, disorganisation, everybody just doing what they feel like doing. Anarchists tend to do things by consensus, after discussion, everything is decided upon via votes of the majority.But it is less well-known that punk anarchists love good food and, being interested in the DIY attitude to life, will take the time to find out how something is made from scratch.

Carved stone buildings with stained glass windows snailing a trail up the mountainside, a communal kitchen around a wood burning stove, upon which hummed an everlasting coffee pot and where I enjoyed the best honey and homemade bread I've ever eaten, collected and made by the inhabitants.I suppose I'm also attracted to that kind of community because a one woman, one child team doesn't feel like quite enough family in a world of nuclear units.It's self-evident that hippies loved food, growing things, eating organically, introducing other influences such as Asian and South American ingredients into their diets.Hippies taught India and Nepal how to cook for travellers.The tea shops in Kathmandu with giant foot-high cakes attest to that.The soil is acidic however and they've spent the last three years converting to organic."Traditionally vegetables were grown on good land and wines on crap land." Wines grow better in poor soil.They have chosen to grow wines on north facing slopes; long term, they feel this is a better choice taking climate change into account. The government have helped us with a grant 'l'aide d'installation' for the under 40s.We also got a subvention from the European Union," enthuses Kris."And we are covered by French law as a social enterprise."Much of their equipment was bought at Le Bon Coin, a French version of Gumtree.They age their wine in hand-me-down oak barrels that have had four or five wines in before.

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