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Abundant job opportunities are hence available for both men and women.Employment in Hong Kong can be enjoyed by women, who possess rights, such as maternity protection and sick leave.During the past three decades, women in Hong Kong have become more independent, monetarily autonomous, assertive, and career-focused.This may make them more prominent when compared with women in other comparable Southeast Asian countries.According to the report of Hong Kong Annual Digest of Statistics by Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong, a trend of universalism for boys and girls could be observed since the 1970s; and girls' enrolment rate in general was higher than the boys' since the 1980s.

The Hong Kong media clearly reflects the social stereotypes and norms.With the increased number of women in professional and managerial positions in recent decades, especially since the enactment of anti-discrimination laws since the mid-1990s, the terms "female strong person" or "superwomen" are being used to describe women in Hong Kong.The numbers were as follows: 103,938 in 1996, 127,001 in 2001, and 182,648, in 2006.In spite of the open-minded and relatively westernised culture in Hong Kong, the seemingly equal and fair workplace still poses obstacles on the way of women’s career paths.61.8% of females and 51.6% of males agreed that women have to sacrifice more than men for career success.The unequal division of labour in family affairs has also made a gradual progress towards equal roles.About 50% of the respondents believed men should be more involved in household duties, and 43% of males agreed that men should take on more responsibilities in child-caring.In the past, if a family does not have enough money to send both their son and daughter to school, they will choose to educate the son over the daughter.It reveals that the nuclear family structure nurturing only one to two children in a family is common, in which girls could receive better education due to the more concentrated resources within the family.However, there are cultural differences between Mainland Chinese citizens and citizens of Hong Kong.During the British colonial period the emergence of Western culture (i.e.

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