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If you are playing along at home, I’ve just given you at least four reasons why you should not let a child see this movie.But let’s not judge my mother, because she really did her best, and (despite being totally desensitized to violence and suffering a crippling fear of most national parks) I turned out okay.About how I’m everything that’s wrong with America, how I’m ignorant and narrow-minded, and how I clearly don’t travel enough, because if I did, I would be able to appreciate the beauty of other languages, instead of laughing at funny-sounding words like a moron. German words are inadvertently really, really funny. And believe me, I realize that there are just as many English words and “Americanisms” that sound ridiculous to native speakers of other languages, too. Just like ————— Haarschmuckfachgeschäft What it really means: Haarschmuck is ornaments for your hair (makes sense, when you see the above definition of schmuck). So Haarschmuckfachgeschäft is a specialty shop that sells hair ornaments. And I wouldn’t blame anyone for laughing at those either.

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I realize I’m going to get a whole heap of mail about this.

The remedy is worse than the disease Aegri somnia - A sick man's dreams (Horace)Aegroto, dum anima est, spes esse dicitur - It is said that for a sick man, there is hope as long as there is life Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem - Remember when life's path is steep to keep your mind even. Agenda - Things to be done Agnus Dei - The Lamb of God Aio, quantitas magna frumentorum est - Yes, that is a very large amount of corn Alea iacta est - The die has been cast.

(Horace)Aeronavis abstractio a prestituto cursu - Hijacking Aetatis (aet.) - Age Aeternum vale - Farewell forever Affidavit - A sworn written statement usable as evidence in court Age quod agis - Do what you do well, pay attention to what you are doing Age. (Caesar)Alias - Otherwise Alibi - Elsewhere Aliena nobis, nostra plus aliis placent - Other people's things are more pleasing to us, and ours to other people.

(I would also claim that the opposite is true)Artium baccalaureus - Bachelor of Arts (BA)Artium magister - Master of Arts (MA)Ascendo tuum - Up yours Asinus asinum fricat - The ass rubs the ass.

(Conceited people flatter each other about qualities they do not possess)Aspice, officio fungeris sine spe honoris amplioris - Face it, you're stuck in a dead end job Aspirat primo Fortuna labori - Fortune smiles upon our first effort.

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