Iranian dating los angeles

The Armenian communities in these Middle Eastern countries were well established and integrated, but not assimilated, into local populations.

Armenians in Lebanon and Iran are represented in the parliaments as ethnic minorities.

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Regarding Iranian-Americans of Armenian origin, the 1980 US Census put the number of Armenians living in Los Angeles at 52,400, of which 71.9% were foreign born: 14.7% in Iran, 14.3% in the USSR, 11.5% in Lebanon, 9.7% in Turkey, 11.7% in other Middle Eastern countries (Egypt, Iraq, Israel, etc.), and the rest in other parts of the world.

By that year many Iranian restaurants and businesses were established in a portion of Westwood Boulevard south of Wilshire Boulevard.

In 1990 Ivan Light, a sociologist for the University of California, Los Angeles, stated that the Westwood Boulevard area was the only "central location" for Iranians in Los Angeles and that they were otherwise dispersed throughout the area.

As of 2009 many older Iranian women in the Los Angeles area still practice doreh, where they have large gatherings where they enjoy entertainment, talk, and eat.

Kevin West of W Magazine stated that the increase in working hours of Iranian women in the region could threaten this custom.

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