Mcafee clients not updating log file

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Maybe there is some common issue that goes with updating antivirus on an exchange server that I don't know about..

We are a medium office with about 56 users, and we are adding the servers to Epo soon as well so just checking what what you guys do on your AV update policies.

I have an ADR in place with Endpoint Protection Definitions and also Defender Definitions. Anyone that can give me some advice in solving this? So the defender definitions are downloading but the clients aren't seeing them or not applying them?

I would check your update*files in your log files folder on the client.

while I have some limited exchange experience and AD too. I don't wanna crash their server for a week and have them need to get someone to recover it. is it supposedly as easy as to click an 'update' button and to reboot your server..

or are there several issues I need to be aware about..?

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