Modify field at gridview1 rowupdating event

write code in business layer for communicate data layer and presentation layer.

first import namespace using Data Layer; using System; using System.

Set the Page Index property of Data Grid is as follows.

When user clicks on the paging link, new page index is set. To enable sorting, set the Allow Sorting property of the Grid View as true.

Programmers are aware of the significance of these codes but end users won’t understand what a particular code means.In previous post we discussed how to create 3 – tier architecture application using c#.we already discussed about 3 – tier architecture layers Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer and Data Access Layer.The default event of Data Grid control is Selected Index Changed.The main event that is responsible for paging is Page Index Changed event.There are many methods developer uses for sql connectivity. first using Data Set and second using Data Adapter.STEP 5 : Connection with Data Set using Different connection method let’s try with first method using Data Set. If your application is working with huge amount of data, then it is not good and efficient to display all records at a time. In custom paging, developers have to write code for selective retrieve of the records from entire records to display in each page. Apart from displaying the data, you can perform select, sort, page, and edit operations with Grid View control. Custom paging In default paging, the entire records are fetched from the database, then the Data Grid selects records from entire set of data, according to page size, to display it in Data Grid.Here creating new class library project named “Businees Layer”. After importing references create data layer class object in business logic layer class.

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