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There are different sets of dance sequences in Haka.

The All Blacks will determine the lead and the type of Haka to be performed before a game depending on two factors – their opponents and how the entire team is feeling.

It is used today in the same spirit to prepare and encourage the players to win the game.

They take the sport a step further, and start it in a way that reminds you of the ancient tradition of war dance followed by the Maoris. It is the opening note to their games, intended to both motivate the team and to strike fear into the hearts of the opposing players. Today the Haka dance is recognized as central to the All Blacks rugby team’s legacy, apart from its successful track record in the sport.

The dance tradition has been associated with the team since the days of Joseph Warbrick when it was a team made up of the natives of New Zealand.

Sports is taken seriously in many places around the world.

But, the All Blacks rugby team of New Zealand has taken competitiveness to another level.

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