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You're supposed to make your date feel "special" by lying to her.

I think I would tell them if asked but wouldn't make it a subject unless I liked someone else a lot more.

That's cool, no problemo, dude," front this year but it's redeeming to know that everyone had eyes wide open to the emotional risk.

As a poly guy, my dating is generally with other people who I already know are poly.

I don't go into details about any past sexual partners with new ones. I don't exactly demand it from people, but I tend to just expect it. That I've lived with someone else for years, sure.

It's none of their business, and not a positive subject in my experience. I learned my current woman had had an abortion and 13 priors on her record sometime around date 3. I'm just the type of person who needs 100% honesty about all of this -- we do exist out there. I will share relevant details, but not "was he better than me? I'm not hiding that I'm the kind of person who enjoys casual sex when single.

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