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Yet another legend goes that a Jain Monk by name Sudarshana was seen floating on a lotus on the surface after he was thrown in the well by king Chand.

Agam Kuan now owns the tag of being auspicious with unlimited powers.

Jalan had acquired a part of Quila Fort, captivated by its location.

The building, which was damaged in an earthquake in 1934, was transformed into a beautiful museum.

The architecture bears resemblance of the Stupa style.

Though the museum possesses over 45000 artefacts, owing to space restraint, a minor percentage of the possessions are on display.

Both the floors of the museums are dedicated to galleries including Natural History Gallery, Stone Sculpture Gallery, Indian Stone Art Tradition, Orissa Stone Sculpture, Buddha Relic Gallery and Painting Gallery.

Stone and metal sculptures dating back to Gupta and Maurya dynasties are displayed in Patna museum. The 16m long tree is said to be world’s longest fossilized tree.

The wonderful collections of the museum include Jain images, Buddhist sculptures, paintings belonging to British Empire and Chinese art. The most famous collection is the life-size statue of Fly Whisk-Bearer, which dates back to 3rd century BC. The statue has been acknowledged as an extraordinary specimen that stands proof of architectural brilliance of the period.

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