Raymond lam dating linda chung

According to a magazine report toady, Raymond and Karena were seen on a date shopping for kitchen appliances together.

Rain also talked about the time when she was dating a financial elite and found out he was cheating behind her back, she said: "One time when I was working overseas.

When asked if they are buying appliances for their new home, Raymond denied and indicated they just like cooking.

As stated by the report, Raymond has more free time after leaving TVB so he likes to spend time at Karena's place to eat her home cooking.

I’m so happy for the opportunity to work with him again. I’m very happy that I got a chance to make a guest appearance on Another Era.

He was very patient with me, trusted me, and gave me a lot of encouragement.” A child’s giggles were also heard behind the camera—perhaps it was Kelly! Thank you to the producer for giving me this opportunity.

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