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Product Executive at one of the top Petrochemical Companies.

As much as most Arabs have had enough of the questions and constant pressure when it comes to getting married and starting a family, "love" is one of the most beautiful feelings a human can experience.

Take a look at 8 popular Arab matchmaking sites and apps: Et3was created by Lebanese Cedric Maalouf in 2012 and is claimed to be the first dating site in the Middle East that was made for Arabs, by an Arab, and is in fact in Arabic.

At Arab Lounge, we take the security of our members very seriously, which is why we take pride in our 5 Star Safety Program.

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The most common way to get married is to have it arranged by parents, which is limited to what parents can arrange.If you are lucky, you might get some private time together, but it would be in the house of your would-be in laws.This is a constant struggle for singles in Saudi who try to find love online, and it is much worse for women.Now just imagine replicating the scenario in the conservative culture of Saudi Arabia.Our new DIS paper shows just how complicated things become.Arranged marriages are the most common practice, but these are limited by parents’ willingness and social connections.Given that technology use is considered suspicious, how can this affect the design of technologies that would help Saudis find their spouses?Our interviews gave us the following insights (see infographic) : Many of the concerns addressed by Saudis may even exist in other contexts.Family and friends in the US, for instance, might mirror the role of parents in Saudi.Finding love online is complicated and usually comes with a side of social stigma.Sure, true love might exist on the inter-webs, but you also might struggle with skeptical family and friends who believe otherwise.

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