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Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS.

Police say that all calls are strictly confidential.

If you think about it, this is a handy survival mechanism.

In ancient times, you can imagine your first true love, a hunter of saber tooth tigers, lying dead in a ditch, or your wife dying in childbirth.

Oxytocin itself becomes addicting and with continued presence of another specific person, this becomes encoded to the other person.

Oxytocin helps bond and maintain bonds even if there is no good sense to other aspects of the relationship.

Now for some controversy, and this is all based around our vital bonding agent, oxytocin.Vasopressin is the protection drug, one that kicks in to support feelings of possession and desire to thwart anyone else taking possession.This is now the knight in shining armor threatening to skewer any rival that comes near (or more realistically, the inner thug who would bash someone over the head).Whilst oxytocin must be maintained, it has a more dampening impact on sex itself.Over time, as oxytocin between a couple builds up, it reduces the impact of both dopamine and serotonin.Certainly not in comparison to the highs of the first months, and maybe couple of years of a sexual relationship.One other function of oxytocin is even more controversial to those who believe in true eternal love. It also, on ‘first use’ has the effect of erasing the memories of the previous partner.Dopamine is one of the most fundamental neurotransmitters we have. The expectation of dopamine drives our mind to control our body to do things.We think you wanted a coffee to perk yourself up, but in fact it was a dopamine cycle that kicked in to make your body get up and find a coffee to sate the dopamine expectation. Serotonin is serenity, ecstasy and the state of grace. Oxytocin is the bonding agent, the cuddle chemical. You should be happy to know that you are not being misled.You might not be totally happy with the conclusions, but that is for you to make your own mind up.

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