Updating clinical guidelines

An additional physician organization's methods are introduced from the author's experience working for said organization.Methods: A preliminary questionnaire was sent to selected organization representatives (six).Attention to this problem is increasing as efforts to develop new methods have started appearing both in the literature and in several organizations (herein discussed).These labors in addition to increasing information technologies should allow ongoing review and updating of guidelines in the future.

It could be used efficiently by other guideline updaters particularly in developing countries, where resources for guideline development and updates are limited.

Clinical practice guidelines need to be regularly updated with current literature in order to remain relevant.

This paper reports on the approach taken by the Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (PARM).

Each of the PARM-endorsed recommendations was then reviewed, in light of new literature presented in the included clinical guidelines.

A novel standard updating approach was developed based on the criteria reported by Johnston et al.

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