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Declarations may be submitted by the exporter or their representative.

For an overview of the data required for Full and Simplified Export Declarations please see section 19 of this notice.

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Where the carrier has agreed for another party to lodge the re-export notification, the carrier will need to ensure that the re-export notification is lodged correctly.

You should ensure that all the information shown on your Export Declaration is complete and accurate.This notice has been updated at section 1.6 with new information on how to disagree with a Customs decision.This is a general guide to you will be issued with a pre-notification explaining the reasons why the decision has been made.to select goods for physical examination in the same way that such checks are made at a customs frontier location.We will therefore continue to allow appropriately authorised traders to declare goods to the export procedure at their premises under a new scheme called declaration is required, a re-export notification must be made to the customs office of exit prior to the exit of the goods.There are a number of routes into systems interface directly with submitting Export Declaration to Customs, notifying the ‘Arrival’ of goods at the port/airport (‘Presentation’ to Customs) and notify the ‘Departure’ of exports. These are mandatory fields for exports (there are others) but please refer to the exports section of the Tariff (Volume 3 Part 1 Section 1.9.For further information on the importance and format of the is a simplified export procedure which requires the exporter to obtain prior authorisation to use this scheme.Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned.This publication is available at https://uk/government/publications/notice-275-customs-export-procedures/notice-275-customs-export-procedures This notice cancels and replaces Notice 275 (May 2016).Find out more information relating to reviews and appeals in leaflet HMRC1 - HM Revenue and Customs decisions - ‘what to do if you disagree’.You can also phone the Imports and Exports Helpline.

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